Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

Fall 2005

                                 Statistics 230-01

            Introduction to Mathematical Statistics


Text: Mathematical Statistics with Applications, Sixth edition,

          by D.D. Wackerly, W. Mendenhall, and R.L. Scheaffer,

          Duxbury Press

Time and Place: M-W-F 2:00-3:00, CLAS 313

Instructor: Ofer Harel

                    Office: CLAS 320

                    Phone: 486-9689

                    Office hours: W-F 9:00-10:00 or by appointment


Prerequisite: MATH 210 or 220

Grading: You are responsible for the material covered in the text, lectures, and homework. The final grade will be based on class participation, homework, two in class examinations and final exam.  There will be no makeup exams.  Each homework assignment is due a week after it is assigned.  All three exams are closed book and closed notes. However, you are allowed to bring in one page (8.5”x11”) of your own notes with a list of formulas on them. Student are expected to bring a calculator during the exams.

            Homework:                  20%

            Class participation:        5%

            Exam 1:                        20% (October 3)

            Exam 2:                        20% (November 9)

            Final Exam:                   35% (According to the schedule)